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Pranapratistha Volunteer Descriptions

The following committees have been formed to organize and execute them pranapratistha program. All committee members and volunteers work under specific direction of each Committee Lead. We need volunteers in all committees. Please sign up with your preferred 1st, 2nd, and 3rd choice of committees. Your designated Committee Lead will reach out to you with further details on informational meetings and scope of work.
We appreciate your support of our Temple through this initiative.

Pranapratistha Organizing Committee
Lead: Mr. Narend Reddy & Mr. Mahesh Sharma

  • Overall Planning, Budgeting of all activities required to execute a successful Pranapratistha Program
  • Provide necessary guidance and support to all committees and volunteers as needed
  • Ensure that the activities align with AHA Mission and Vision

Puja Committee
Lead: Mrs. Jayanthi Mouli & Mr. Rathinam Vembu

  • Provide assistance to the Priests during puja services
  • Manage the handling, placement, and setting of Vigrahas
  • Manage puja item inventory and purchasing requirements
  • Manage sponsor puja activities

Fundraising Committee
Lead: Mr. Mogallapu Srinvasa Rao

  • Drive enrollment in the Pranapratistha sponsorship
  • Assist in collecting, recording and reconciliation of funds

Registrations, Sponsorship Collections, AHA Shop
Lead: Mr. Samir Datta

  • Registrations of Devotees
  • Issue Puja Sponsorship Packets
  • Sale of AHA items
  • Collection of Donations
  • Setup of Hundi and collection/counting of Hundi Collections

Facilities Committee
Lead: Mr. Phani Palety

  • Planning and arranging all facilities required for priests and devotees
  • Includes arrangement of tents, tables, chairs, etc.
  • Manage refuse collection and disposal during the event
  • Management of crowd flow on during the event
  • Manage Parking Sub-Committee:
    • Provide planning, logistics and arrangements for parking of vehicles over the 3 day program
    • Assist in providing valet service for disabled plated vehicles
  • Manage Setup/Teardown Sub-Committee:
    • Assist in setting up and tearing down tents and all facilities before and after the events
    • Ensure safe storage of all equipment
  • Manage Audio/Video Sub-Committee:
    • Determine requirements for audio and video equipment for main events and other programs
    • Setup arrangements for sound system, televisions, cameras, photography, etc.
    • Manage audio/visual equipment and camera operations during the event
    • Provide setup for live video feeds during the event to attendees and outside public via social media

Bhajans and Cultural Program Committee
Lead: Mr. Venu Pittala

  • Arrange devotional Bhajan singers for all 3 days
  • Prepare and arrange for all instrumentation
  • Coordinate with Audio/Video Committee with facility requirements
  • Manage accommodation and coordination of the participants during the event

Food Committee
Lead: Mr. Sreenivas Gouraram

  • Preparing the menu for all 3 days: Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner
  • Make food arrangements, delivery, and serving
  • Determine requirements and making arrangements for all food serving equipment

Temple Decorations Committee
Lead: Mr. Venu Pittala

  • Coordinate and setup decorations for the Temple and Temple grounds

Pranapratistha Souvenir
Lead: Mr. Sriram Rangaswamy

  • Collecting souvenir advertisements from businesses
  • Collecting devotional and religious articles for printing
  • Collating and designing of souvenir booklet
  • Printing of the Souvenir minimum 7 days before the event start