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Welcome to the Hindu Temple & Cultural Center of WI 

2138 S Fish Hatchery Rd, Fitchburg, WI 53575 (map)



Please see the calendar below for all (more) events that are planned for the week and month.


8/24/2019: Saturday  Sri Krishna Janmashtami Celebrations – 5:00 PM   Details


8/25/2019: Sunday  Ayyappa Abhishekam 10:30 AM Details


09/02/2019: Monday  – Ganesh Chaturthi Celebrations


09/14/2019 (Saturday) – 09/15/2019 (Sunday) – Temple First Anniversary Celebrations Click for Details



Every Saturday: 9:30 AM – Vishnusahasranamam Chanting 11:00 AM – Vedam Classes

Every Sunday: 8:15 AM – Yoga Classes in Association with Art of Living 10:30 AM – Gurukulam Classes


Request A Puja Service at Home or Temple




AHA Monthly Events Calendar





Jagannath Rathyatra Puja July 4th 2019


Temple Pranapratistha (Inauguration) Sept 8-10th 2018

Click here for more Event Pictures