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Puja Items Lists

The following links provide detailed list of items needed for each puja. Devotees and volunteers are required to review the list prior to the puja event and be prepared with the items. For any clarification, please consult with the Temple Priest.
Click on each Puja name to obtain a PDF of the items needed. Note: These documents require Acrobat PDF Reader installed on your computer.

All Abhishekams at Temple
Annaprasanna (Baby First Food) Puja
Aradhana Puja
Ayshya Homam (Birthday) Puja
Bhoomi (Groundbreaking) Puja
Chandi Homam
Ganapathi Puja
Graduation Puja
Gruhapravesham with Homam
Hiranya Shradha Puja – Temple
Mundan (Baby first hair cut) Puja
Namakaran – Baby Naming Puja
Navagraha Puja
Nishchitartham (Engagement) Puja
Pind Shradham Puja – Home
Sahasranamam Archana – Temple
Sashti Poorthi (60th Birthday) Havan
Satyanarayana Swami Puja – Temple
Satyanarayana Swami Puja – Home
Shanti Homam
Sreemantham (Baby Shower) Puja
Sudarshana Homam
Upanayam (Thread Ceremony) Puja
Vahana (Vehicle) Puja
Venkateshwara Puja
Vivah (Wedding Ceremony) Puja